What is the Cute Sticky Notes Advance?
A)Powerful text editor than normal: support mutil selection by press ctrl key; support insert attachments; support set float; support show image.
B)Powerful database to safe your data: support save your encrypted data; if no virus(I find virus will cause database damage) or code bug, your data will never lost even if power down in writting new data.
C)Virtual disk for save your encrypted file or video picture, you can drag and drop files between Desktop(or folder) and this Application, if file has exsited in this App, drag drop file only update it.

2017/12/29 version:
1)Fix a lot of bugs in test.
2)Fix some crash bugs.
3)Add AD feature.
4)Due to database changed, old version can't update to this version.

@Contact the software author, I'm happy to get your feedback.