New version since 2017/10/12, Cute Sticky Notes support non-setup version for USB portable!
Here click to Download Cute Sticky Notes Portable For All Windows Version
UnZip this ZIP file to USB root folder(or under folder 'Cute Sticky Notes' if you want to PC's cute app auto load USB's cute app data),
Anywhere, Insert your USB, open 'CuteStickyNotesWithAntiVirus.exe'(It with Digital Signaures Protected, and will check other Cute*.exe hash valid) to run this App will be OK.

2016/12/26 version:
1)Fix crash bug in show minimize notes.
2)Main window support resize.

2017/10/01 version:
1)Fix crash bugs from 2016/12~2017/10.
2)Fix app freeze bug.
3)Support GB size of video file save as encrypted attachment for note.
4)Support Copy/Move notes with attachment files to USB or other disks.
5)Due to database change, old version not support update to this version.

2017/10/10 version:
1)Fix all search bug.
2)Fix a database lost bug.
3)Fix copy(drag) text(or url link) bug.

2017/10/12 version:
1)Fix varous little bugs.
2)Set backup note readonly.
3)Enhance database design, even if exsit database bug, no database file lost any more.

2017/10/17 version:
1)Fix varous feature bugs, worth try this version.
2)Fix memory leak bug.
3)Due to database change, old version can't update to new.

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