2017/11/23 version:
1)Fix a bug in Universal Password feature.
2)Fix a big bug in database's new feature cause user many choices not saved.
3)Fix a bug in note attachment, now user can drag and drop folder to note.
4)Fix varous editor bugs.
5)Fix note pin other application(UWP) bug.
6)Fix play video bug(test in firefox).
7)Fix bugs in XP.
8)Support press ctrl key then drag and drop note as a link.
9)Enhance clip object, support rich edit toolbar.

2017/11/24 version:
1)Fix play video bug.
2)Fix SafeUnpack program bug.

2017/12/06 version:
1)Support copy(drag and drop) files from note to desktop or folder.
2)Support use ctrl key select text.
3)Fix search feature bug.

2017/12/08 version:
1)Fix crash bug when quit
2)Fix mutil selection editor bugs.

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